Garage Doors In Winter

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If there is one thing that people enjoy about their garage doors and garages it is the fact that your garage door keeps out the snow. Whether it’s just a few inches that pile up during the night or something that closes the schools and just keeps coming snow can be a pretty big inconvenience. What is nice though is that your garage door helps you cope with it all. Your garage door makes sure that snow doesn’t get in and ice over your garage and also makes it so that if your car is kept inside your garage that you don’t get it stuck in place because of the snow. Your garage door is a great asset during the winter which is why we feel that it needs a little appreciation every so often. You may not think about your garage door and how much easier it might make your life on a daily basis, but in this article we are going to make you! Or we will at least do it for you to some extent by pointing out a few of the things that your garage door really excels at when it comes to winter. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but hopefully now you will start to see some of the great things that having a garage door during the winter really provides you with.

The first great thing about having a good garage door in the winter is the opportunity to save a bit on your gas, electric, propane what have you bill. Your heating bill is going to be higher in the winter months and so keeping the heat in your home while you are heating it is exceptionally important. Windows, walls and garage doors are all things that can be energy sucks if they aren’t fitted properly or aren’t well insulated. However, if you have a quality garage door and similar things in your home that were installed properly then you are in luck. Garage doors are pretty large, I think everyone can generally agree on that fact. If your garage door were to be made out of something like tissue paper your garage would be very cold during the winter and so your home would also be harder to heat and so more expensive to heat. Let alone the number of times you’d have to replace your garage door because it ripped. If your garage was made out of something like steel with some builtin insulation however you might find that your garage in many ways acts as a buffer to the room it is connected to. Your home’s temperature will be easier to moderate and will allow you to utilize things like the eco mode on your heater if you have one. Less air will travel through your garage and everyone will be altogether happier with their lives. Maybe 6 or 7 degrees change while only paying for what you used to pay for 2 or 3 degrees change won’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you are asked what you are thankful for, but you will definitely notice it when you see your energy bill. These savings also could eventually lead to being able to save enough money to even pay for the extra insulation in the garage door.

Another reason that many of us might be thankful that we have got a quality garage door in our garage is because of snow not being able to get into our garages. Sure when your garage door opens and closes a small amount of snow may fall in, but nearly no snow is getting into your garage when compared to the amount of snow on the ground. And that is something you can be thankful for. It means that you don’t have to dig out a path to your car after every storm and that your car doesn’t need to be brushed off every morning before work. It also means that if there isn’t really a lot of snowfall you can get away with not clearing out your driveway every so often. While this isn’t always recommended, we get lazy from time to time and that half inch of snow that will be gone by lunch time really shouldn’t pose that big of a safety risk, by having your car in your garage you can simply drive over it and by the time you get back it won’t be there and you can simply drive back in to your garage. This means that you won’t be forced to park on snow drifts, ice or anything else that could be unsafe all because of the garage door that is committed to keeping your garage door a snow free area.

Whether it is to keep a fresh car wash good longer or to keep you from needing to shovel every day when you are in a particularly snowy trend. Even if you don’t use your garage to store your cars you can still be thankful for that garage door when it comes winter time. The insulation your garage and garage door provide together to keep your home warm and draft free is more than enough of a reason to enjoy a garage door on a cold winters eve. That said though, not having to shovel and not having to walk through the snow everyday is a pretty great reason as well. Just like not having to dig your car out from the snow that the snow plow piled up against it because you didn’t park behind a garage door. While it hasn’t been mentioned yet there is even another reason to be thankful for your garage door, hail. Hail can really damage your car and is going to most likely happen more often in the winter than any other time. While hail is often a weird phenomenon that people associate with natural disasters it is also known to happen in the winter, so you can save yourself from denting your car the same way that you can save yourself from needing to deice your windshield, behind a garage door.

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