Precision Garage Door Service of Lincoln

Our story, our mission, our goal.

We're committed to forming a long-lasting relationship with our customers — come get to know us a little more.

Our Mission

We aim to offer security and prestige to our customers by delivering the most professional and premium garage door services in the United States.

Who We Are

We're a small team of professionals whose are curretly trying to revolutionize the way that garage door service and installation is done. Typically, most technicians are often tardy, unprofessional, and lack a deep understanding of their customer's garage door needs — we aim to change this status quo and have been

We specialize in residential and commercial garage door and opener repairs, garage door and opener sales, service, and installation. For many years, we have served as a professional dealer of garage doors, garage door openers and related products throughout Nebraska.

Whether your needs are for your home or business, Precision Garage Door Service of Lincoln has the same commitment to providing top quality products and the very best service possible.

You've likely seen one of our garage doors about town (or even attached to your neighbors home), to join the fun!

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Nebraska homeland is important to us — we strive to use environmentally-sensitive business practices.

We haul away and recycle your old garage door and parts and we utilize GPS systems, geo-targeted scheduling and active dispatch techniques to reduce trip miles for reduce fuel consumption.

Areas Served

Lincoln Precision Garage Door is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, but we repair, service and install garage doors and garage door openers in the entire Lincoln metro area.

We think of ourselves as the intersection between quality and professionalism, and we know you'll think the same after working with us. If you're tired of shoddy technicians performing subpar work on your largest asset, give us a call and we'll help you out.

We welcome the opportunity to supply, install, or service your garage door and opener as well as the many other products that we specialize in. Give us a call at 1-402-817-3324 and we'll give you a free estimate.

We’ve served Lincoln, Nebraska for over a decade.

Let our seasoned service professionals work for you and your home.

Oh, and with our limited warranty, we'll repair your door free for life.

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