Garage Brewing

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Home brewing has somewhat recently become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the nation. Since its legalization and the growing trend of craft brewing it seems that the two have spiraled out of control to create a hobby that can attract all sorts to bond over their love of alcoholic beverages. It may come as no surprise that many of these home brewers quickly run out of room in their kitchens or wherever they start this hobby off and end up moving to none other than the garage. The garage makes a great “first brewery” for a variety of reasons. It has often been said that your garage is essentially the most versatile room in your house, which definitely rings true when you think about how many other rooms you could start a brewing enterprise in. While your garage may not become a brewing enterprise, because the maximum amount of beer you can brew in a household is 200 gallons annually, but nevertheless it shows just how versatile your garage space is. In this article we’ll talk a bit about why you might want to use your garage for home brewing and why it makes such a good “brewery” assuming of course that you aren’t using your garage for car storage like most do.

One reason that you might want to use your garage to do all of your brewing is for safety. Bad batches can mean exploding bottles of beer, which can be extremely dangerous and pretty messy at the same time. Your garage is used mostly for storage in the first place which means that unless you are trying to make another batch of beer that you probably won’t be in the garage when disaster strikes. This means that the glass bottles will have a chance to pop without hurting anybody and you will be able to clean them up rather easily. Most garages have concrete floors and the hardest part to clean up will most likely be the inside of your garage door. Pretty much everything will just need a good hosing down and sweeping and your garage will be as good as new.

The second reason why your garage makes the perfect home brewing station is the amount of space that your garage has. Your garage can quickly go from brewing station to home bar for you and a few friends in a matter of minutes. That is of course without the cleaning that would be involved. One of the best parts that many home brewers cite as the reasons that they home brew is because it lets you share with your friends and others interested in home brewing. When you have the option to do all of this in the same place it can quickly become a tradition or maybe just your favorite hobby that you get to share with your friends. Either way you will be using your garage like never before and you can even turn the whole place into a beer garden style establishment if you open up your garage door and let the neighbors see what you’re doing. This makes your garage perfect for that moment in every home brewer’s life when they think about courting some investors for bringing their brewery to the next level and actual starting to sell it. Opening up your garage door to the masses lets you feel like what it might be like to be a real brewer with a real brewery.

The third reason to use your garage like your very own brewery as a home brewer expands on that last bit. Doing your home brewing in the garage lets you feel like a real brewer. If you have ever been to a brewery or toured a brewery you will most likely know that the places they are doing their brewing are pretty much glorified garages. They’ll have big garage doors to help make shipping easier and will have cement pretty much everywhere to help make things easier to clean should things go wrong. This makes the garage pretty much the starter brewery or the perfect home brewer’s spot.

The last reason to use your garage for all of your home brewing is because of the garage door really. The garage door will help you set up your brewery a lot more quickly if you have a lot of large equipment, and it will also make sure that keeping everything a constant temperature will be easier. A well insulated garage and garage door will help offset the dropping temperatures of night time and the higher temperatures of the day time in order to help keep your brewing at a more constant temperature, which is necessary for brewing beer well and consistently. Temperature may just be one the most important factors to take into account other than ingredients when talking about home brewing, so having a well insulated garage door and garage can make a world of difference in your hobby.

Garages are definitely one of the most versatile rooms in the house. With the rise of home brewing all over the world it is just matter of time before we see tons of garages being turned into home brewing “beweries’ for at least a while. Home brewing is a pretty perfect fit for garages because if you look at the professional craft brewers or larger commercial breweries you’ll see that their breweries actually look remarkably similar to your average garage. Using your garage as your home brewing spot means that you don’t have to worry as much about things going wrong, dealing with fluctuating temperatures and changing or getting new equipment. One thing you should know before deciding to move your home brewing to your garage is that your garage will inevitably smell like stale beer for the foreseeable future. Another thing to note is that if you keep your car in your garage while it is being used to home brew you will find a lot of complication. You will most likely need to clean things more often and the garage door will be opening and closing more often which means temperature changes.

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