Your Garage Door's Security

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A large part of home security is making sure that your home is not only secure, but making sure that you as a home owner feel that your home is secure. Oftentimes one of the toughest parts of a break in are the psychological consequences of no longer feeling safe in your own home or feeling that your things are safe in your own home. For this reason home security is not only important for financial reasons but also for your own personal well being. Seeing as your home’s largest and most used entry way is the garage door it is important to know what you can do to be and feel safer in regard to your garage door’s security. This should also help you to understand some of the ways to improve your home’s security around your whole house, but for the most part the focus of this article will be just a few tips on how to secure your garage door from intruders and the odd overly nosy neighbor if you must. The biggest tips that can be given have already been covered, but to summarize they are to get to know your neighbors and to keep your garage door closed whenever it doesn’t have to be open. Aside from those there are a number of other things you can do to keep your garage door from being the sore point in your home’s security.

The first tip is to keep your garage door opener remote somewhere other than on your car’s visor. We have the technology to make these things smaller so take advantage of it. If you leave your car unlocked one day it becomes very easy for them to get into your home because they now essentially have the key to your garage door. Keeping your garage door opener on your car’s visor or in one of the car’s cup holders may be convenient, but you can also get garage door openers that attach to your keys making it essentially just as easy and ten times safer. This will mean that the odds of someone breaking into your car will go down and the odds of somebody being able to open your garage door without you knowing about it will also go down. Garage door opener remotes are pretty small and cheap these days so a small investment in one for your keys is really no huge sacrifice for the increase in security it provides. Setting up an extra garage door remote also doesn’t take too much time so the whole thing should be no hassle at all. You may be thinking that just having a garage door remote doesn’t really help an intruder get into your home or garage unless they know where your house is. However it is very easy to use this garage door opener if someone breaks into your car and you have a gps or navigation device in your car. The thief can simply check to see the most visited location and there is a high probability that that will be your home. In addition if your car is often parked outside of your home this just makes breaking in through your garage door all the easier. This takes a small bit of forethought or planning on the side of the criminal, but in the end makes your garage door very vulnerable if you have a garage door remote in your car at all times.

The second tip we’ve got for you is to not forget about the door from your garage to your home. This door may seem like a no-brainer for some, but many people love the convenience of simply being able to push a button to open the garage door and another to close their garage door. It’s this simplicity that makes the garage door their most used exit and entryway. However, most intruders know this and in fact will count on this. For many intruders the first target isn't the front door because it is typically well secured and locked almost constantly. Instead they will try and get into the garage through the garage door because the next door is presumably going to be of lesser quality and oftentimes is left unlocked out of habit. In order to make sure that you don’t fall prey to this kind of thinking it is important to put the same sort of thought and priority into the door between your home and your garage. This may mean spending habit more time everyday to unlock and lock the door going from your home to your garage, but those few extra seconds everyday really won’t matter when you think about the hassle getting robbed might be for yourself. When thinking about garage door security remember to think about more than just the garage door but also what’s behind it. In this case that means putting a real door and a real lock onto your door to rival your front door’s.

Home security is all about doing things to minimize the likelihood that someone can get into your home and to maximize the feeling of safety that you feel in your home. In that respect everyone will have different amounts of home security that they feel are really necessary. There is really no way to guarantee that you won’t ever have your home broken into without going to extraordinary lengths, but you can do a few small things in order to make yourself feel better and more empowered as to your home’s security. These small things in many ways make all the difference and can dissuade intruders for the most part. Every small improvement you make to your home’s security is another chance for the intruder to give up or to get caught. Because your garage door is the most likely spot for your home to be broken in at, security measures that  focus on this point are more impactful than others.

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