Two Car To One Car Garages

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The majority of garages these days are two car garages. Most families have been two car families for decades. However in some ways the days of needing two cars seem to be dwindling. Carpooling, telecommuting, ride-sharing and even things like uber are becoming extremely common these days and it seems that the age of the two car or more family may not may be around too much longer. We can get by without the cost and hassle of an extra car and it will most likely take a while for families and society to come to grips with this fact, but it is a possibility that in the next decade or so garages will be filled with not two but one car. Then you may thing, what will happen to the garages?! What will become of all those unopened garage doors!? These are the obvious first questions to ask and so we are here to answer them. It may turn out that we’re wrong and two car families continue on for decades and decades, but from today’s point of view it seems that the car is either about to change or be made totally obsolete at least in the way we think of it now. This may not occur tomorrow (it definitely won’t) but a decade or two down the road (pun intended) it is a possibility.

With that newfound space and even the excess savings from not owning a second car there is a lot you can do. That extra garage space can be used in a number of ways and what is semi important is that you don’t let it go to waste. You’re paying for or maybe have already paid for the space so you want to get the most out of it. Having one car should open up some great possibilities for you and your family, so in this article we will look at some good ways to use this space. If and when this hypothetically happens the world may be different, but here are just some of our fun ideas. Feel free to comment on what you would do with the space yourself or just to tell us which idea is your favorite.

The first way you might want to use that extra space is something a bit more practical and not too exciting but you could use the space as a bike workshop. With the decline of cars and what not maybe you could get into bikes a bit more. Your garage is the perfect spot to house them and work on them and if you have a two car garage and two garage doors you could even still just house them as if you had a car. It would make the transition easy and not cost much money at all. You could even still get some garage door opener remotes for your bikes if you felt like riding in and out without any worries.

Another somewhat boring usage of the space could be just for more general storage. Families and even just one person can always use more storage. Your garage makes the perfect spot for storage for a number of reasons as well. Storing things in your garage keeps it close by in the event that you might want something that you nearly never use at a moment’s notice. Garage storage also keeps your things safe from things like any bad weather that might otherwise damage something and it also keeps it safe from intruders. While what you have may not be the most valuable stuff in the world, or even if it is, it is most likely sentimental or at least useful if you deem it worthy of saving and storing. This means that you can be sure that unless something goes terribly wrong you will have some of your necessary items stacked up right next to your only car.

The last thing you could use this newfound space for would be a small workspace. Whether you just need a place to call your own so you can get down to business and be productive without leaving the house or you can use it to build those ships in bottles that you always wanted to build. No matter if it’s just a hobby that requires a bit of space or a business that needs a desk and some real live space it can be done in your garage. Having a small separate space is invaluable to escaping from your day to day tasks of keeping your home together and being productive or just relaxing when you need to be. This sort of space can be created with just a little bit of money and that excess space from where you used to keep your car. The best part is if it gets nice some days or if your hobby requires you can even open up your garage door.

One car families may not be right around the corner for most of America, but it is true that for some the idea may work and be more viable in the near future. With all the benefits of just owning one car there also comes the bonus of freeing up a bit of space in your garage for nearly anything you could want. Whether you use your excess garage space to run a business that grows taller than you could imagine or whether you just use it to paint on Sunday afternoons is all up to you. There are almost infinite possibilities for the space so don’t let them go to waste. Even if we live long enough for cars to become a thing of the past we will certainly be able to use and find new uses for our garages that will have us thankful that we have them. Again, let us know which thing you would choose for your new open garage. Would it be a cycling work shop to help you get around and stay fit? Maybe that extra bit of storage to keep sentimental items nearby? Or are you the type that wants an open air office to keep them focused on breezy days?

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