Recycling Garage Doors

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Garage doors and all of their accessories, the garage door remote, garage door springs, chains, and what not all were made to last. That means that when you end up wanting to renovate your garage and get and entirely new garage door and garage door opener you will be left with some garbage when it’s all over. Whether it’s an entire dented garage door panel or just some old garage door springs, brackets and bolts there are going to be things that you need gone and that others could possibly find useful. Oftentimes when we get work done on our homes we are given the choice of having all of our waste left for us to figure out or having it all taken away to go to the dump somewhere. With all of the scrap metal and vinyl that might come with your garage door though you might have better ideas for you trash. A large portion of the metal used in your garage door systems is recycled so if you want to do the earth friendly thing then you might want to return the favor by recycling some of your own materials. The merits of recycling things like the wood from pencils or paper products is still under a microscope as to exactly how effective the process is, but for things like the metal used in your garage door the verdict is in, and it is certainly good for the environment. If your garage door is aluminum it is most likely of higher quality and also much easier to get a large quantity of it as opposed to something like aluminum cans, which is where most of our aluminum comes from and goes to. For these reasons recycling your garage door and some of the other parts is a great way to feel good about yourself and do something good for the environment. Depending on where you might live you may even be able to get some money back for the large quantity of metal you bring to recycle. Recycling metal in many cases is as simple as melting the metal down and pouring it into new casts. This makes things like garage doors perfect candidates for recycling because they are so easy to reuse and energy efficient. The other big metal that is going to be in your garage door set up is steel. Steel garage doors, brackets, springs and tracks can all be melted down as scrap and turned into more of the same. The steel found in garage doors is often stainless in order to stand up to the elements, and of very high quality and so is in high demand compared to other scrap metals. If your garage door is something like fiberglass or wood you will have less success recycling it as fiberglass is not widely recycled and it can be tough to find a place to give it to. On the other hand you can certainly find an earth conscious way to get rid of a wooden garage door, but you most likely won’t see too much money from it, if any. The trouble with recycling something so big for most people is knowing where to hand it in and knowing how to get it there. This all comes down to where you live really. You can ask your local contractor or garage door professional for their expertise, but your best bet is to usually look on your towns website or simply google it. If you are in luck there could be a town run pick up coming up which means you’d just have to leave your garage door and what not out by the street and they will do the rest for you. This means that you probably won’t get money for the scraps, but you will also be doing barely any work to recycle your goods. Other times you may need to bring the scraps to a local recycling center which means you will need a vehicle big enough to fit at least part of a garage door. This is where the amount of effort you are willing to put in comes into play. If you are willing to bring your scrapped garage door and garage door parts to your local recycling center then you may as well try and find a place that will give you some money back for you hard work. While it’s not going to pay for your new garage door the extra money may make the money you spent on your garage door a little more affordable. In the end there are a number of ways to make sure that your old garage door gets taken care of properly. The important thing to do is to make sure that you do your research before sending your garage door professional away and make sure that you can handle bringing the scrap to wherever it needs to go and that you won’t have to pay for the metal to get recycled. Your garage door professional may have some advice for you or may even offer to simply scrap the door themselves which will save you the hassle but could also lose you a small amount of money. When it comes to recycling your garage door materials it really comes down to what is available to you and what you are willing to do. It is best to know what you are getting into so talk to your garage door professional or those who have recently had their garage doors replaced to find out more about the local landscape. Remember to at the very least make sure that your garage door is getting taken away responsibly so that you can rest easy knowing your garage door won’t be disintegrating slowly in a landfill nearby. Garage doors and garage parts are made out of easily recyclable metals so finding a local depot or dump shouldn’t be too hard if you aren’t feeling up to getting the scrap value for your garage door.

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