How To Set Up Your Garage Office

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Starting a business on your own can be tough. Doing so today has become easier with the age of the internet. Everything seems like it could be a service or a business and the world is just waiting to pay you for following that one weird passion of yours to the bank. The thing is though, you need a starting point. That is where the garage comes in. It may not be the flashiest place to start a business, but it comes with a lot of benefits that you might not otherwise think about. In this article we are going to look at some of the reasons why you would ever want to start you business in your garage. We will look at how the garage door and garage door opener come into play in this situation as well, obviously. We will also throw out a few ideas on how to turn your garage into your perfect office or at least your perfect pre-office space. It may not be a fancy co-working space downtown, but the space where your car used to be might just be all you need to start the business that makes you rich or at least happy some day.

In most cases the biggest reason why you might use your garage as an office is because of the cost. The garage is essentially free. You have already paid for it, or are paying for it with your mortgage, so you might as well use it. If you have extra space in your garage or maybe even sell your car to start up your new business venture then there is no better place than the garage. It is out of the way, it is probably already wired up and it shouldn’t get too hot or cold depending on your garage door. The garage also affords you the shortest commute ever and means that you are able to work anytime you want or need to. Inspiration can strike at any time, so it helps to be able to get to work at any time. Starting off as an entrepreneur you are usually putting in long days and nights and giving every odd hour you have to your new business. While this can be tiring and taxing, it helps when it is a place that is separate but at the same time, still very close to home. It doesn’t get much closer than in your garage.

How do your garage door and your garage door opener fit into all of this? In the garage doorway of course. Terrible jokes aside there is more than one reason why your garage door makes your garage office better than any old office. One reason is security. Garage doors provide an astounding amount of security, much more than your average door which means that your valuables, information, computers and more are safe from prying eyes and theft unless you do something like forgetting to close your garage door. Another benefit to using a garage as your office is the ability to open up your garage door on those better days. It may be a simple thing, but that breeze, a bit of sunlight and fresh air can be the perfect thing to make that five minute brainstorm truly productive. The last benefit we’ll mention is that big opening! If you are doing any shipping or receiving with this new office you are going to be thankful you have a big garage door to fit things through. As your business grows you will be able to put off moving to a warehouse and office location as you can use your garage longer for this joint operation than you would be able to in your typical home office.

What makes a garage office not just a stack of files in an empty garage and a real place where business is being done? The recipe for the perfect garage office is pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is clean it up. Any spills, dirt or just smelly things are going to have to be taken out or cleaned up. Next is to make sure your garage door and the garage door weather seal are in good shape. It is best to do this because you don’t want to put it off and have your files or computer ruined by a storm that floods the garage or mice that get into your garage because the weather seal was old and left a gap in the garage door. Next is to bring in a desk, any old one really should be fine. After that is a chair, from there you’ll have to know the sort of stuff you in particular will need. Lastly, depending on the climate you will want to insulate your garage door. Garages can get cold or hot, and while you may have to sweat for your business it is best to keep that to metaphorical sweating.

Starting a business can be tough and you can be faced with all sorts of tough decisions. Where to get things started can be a relatively easy one to decide. Using your garage for your early office days will give you the flexibility of a real office with a lot of the productivity while at the same time costing you nearly nothing. You’ll get the same security that a garage door and garage door opener gives your home and cars as well as the ability to do things like make and receive shipments all from the comfort of your garage office. Setting up your garage office is pretty simple and cheap, but the most important thing to remember is to seal up your garage door. Nothing is worse than losing progress and productivity to a storm that manages to break through an old weather seal on your garage door and fries your computer.

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