Garages With Electric Cars

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The world of cars is changing every day and it seems that garages are changing with them. One thing that has always been said to be on the horizon is actually really here with more on the horizon and that is the electric car. The electric car was always something that was supposedly just over the horizon technologically for many years. The electric car was supposed to something that really changed the world in a big way and in some ways it has, but if you follow the industry at all you may have heard that more big change is on the way when it comes to cars. With that in mind I am hear to talk a little bit about your garage and how it might need to change in the near future to really capitalize on all of these new developments in the auto industry. New technologies and ideas don’t just hit the mainstream right away so there may still be some time for you to get acquainted with the idea, but with Tesla rumored to be working on an electric car for the masses at a lower price point the time of electric cars may soon be here. In addition to Tesla both Nissan and Chevy have their own electric cars which shows that this isn’t just something scientists and engineers dream up anymore.

In your garage you probably have a car or two and at this point neither of them are most likely electric. You may have a hybrid as those are certainly popular, but with electric cars and plug in hybrids vehicles becoming ever more popular it is time to really look at what your garage could be doing or might need to be doing in the near future to accommodate these sorts of things. The number one thing that you will most likely need is an outlet. Not some old dirty one that you probable shouldn’t use because there are exposed wires and all that and maybe some of the plastic housing is loose, a real quality outlet to make it so that you don’t flinch and pray overtime you connect something to it. A real outlet will mean that you can rest easy that the amount of power needed to power a car will be able to get to it without you having to worry about it all starting a fire or something similar. A real outlet could also mean that a high powered plug with proper grounding and maybe even a timer to make sure that your car doesn’t over charge or is charging at the optimal times. in any case you will need at least one reliable outlet for your garage should you become an electric car owner and hopefully it will be in a relatively easy to use part of the garage so that wires don’t have to cross your garage just to charge the car.

A charging station for your car isn’t a bad idea, it really just means that you have a set spot for your car to park in your garage and an outlet available that will let you charge your car whenever it is at home relatively easily. This means your won’t need to move wires and all that around whenever you leave and arrive, it will be simple. Maybe you will wrap up the cord and put it away nearby but otherwise there isn’t much to do making going to the gas station a thing of the past and your life a bit easier. However, there is more you could do. You could take your charging station to the next level and live the environmentally friendly dream you’ve always want to just by tweaking your garage a bit really. With the price of things like solar coming down all the time you could throw some solar panels onto your roof and could very well charge your car that way if you have some down time during daylight hours. These sort of things are making little dents in the way we use energy and having an electric car that doesn’t actually cost you too much to charge up or maybe even anything eventually is definitely a budget and environmentally friendly choice that many will have to take a look at in the near future.

An electric car in your garage doesn’t really change your garage all that much. You hopefully have the proper safety measures in place to handle high charging electronics and so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch of most garages right now. It is probable that most people will have an electric car and a gas powered car in their garages if they have two cars. People will most likely have some doubts about electric cars and it has been seen that they are really more for people with a relatively normal daily commute and not for those looking to make cross country trips. This means that those who have two electric cars will be outliers and so most garages will just be housing one electric car at a time. This means they will justness the one charging area and if they want a small amount of solar panels in order to make the car relatively cost free and safe.

Electric cars are coming, it’s nearly unavoidable that there will be tons more in our very near future so there is no time like the present to really begin coming to terms with it and preparing for it. Setting up a charging station or installing solar panels on your garage’s roof already might not be exactly the best first step, but thinking about if an electric car is right for you is a great step. You may even find that one of the electric cars on the market right now actually makes sense for you and could be made worthwhile if you make the proper adjustments to your commute and garage. Decking out your garage correctly can mean that you may never need to pay for fuel again, which is a pretty damn exciting idea if you ask me.

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