Garages And Garage Doors In A Car-Sharing World

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Companies like Uber and Lyft are changing the game when it comes to car ownership and very well may end up changing the game when it comes to garage ownership as well. Whether it be in a change of how cars are used and operate or where and how many are on roads and out of use there world is definitely leaning away from a world where every family needs two cars in their garage. With the lower cost of mobility afforded with using one car and a budget friendly car sharing service you may find that our nation’s love affair with the car is at a crossroads. This country has always loved the freedom that came with owning a car but it soon may e that owning a car or two cars is not such a reasonable idea. We may also take a bit of time to realize that given how car centered many of our lives are in this country. What this will most likely eventually find us seeing though is an extra space open up in all of our garages as well as perhaps more centralized garages just for car sharing programs. With all of the controversy surrounding these companies at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty in their future and in how they are ousting taxis from cities seemingly. In this article however we will look at how this could affect the garage owner and mean for the average person in the near future.

Car ownership will definitely decline, it is practically unavoidable. We most likely won’t see it right away because people are attached to their cars personally in many ways and won't really think to sell them in favor of using a car sharing service right away, however within a few years people’s cars will slowly begin to break down and more and more people will take a look at the numbers and find that perhaps buying another car isn’t the right answer. This will mean that the demise of the two car family will most likely be slow. Car companies will take a hit for sure and may need to do some drastic things to get people to continue buying cars. For people who live near to public transit and urban areas where car sharing will be common it simply won’t make sense to have more than one car for most people unless you really utilize both constantly. This means that over time we will see those two car garages with fewer cars in them.

We’ve talked before a bit about how flexible garage space is and with fewer cars in the mix that means much more of that precious garage space will be up for grabs. Garage doors and just the way garages are designed means that garages can be used in a huge amount of ways when given the chance to change. One car in a two car garage means that you have usually slight more than a car’s worth of space to capitalize on that can be used for nearly anything. You can create a new office space with filing cabinets a desk and even a great shipping and receiving area thanks to the garage door. You can also put together a nice home gym if you’d like in order to use that space to get back into shape or save a bit of money on your monthly gym bill. The possibilities for that area are nearly endless really and once you see the positives of what you can do with the space you may even think about chucking your car before others do in order to see some of the benefits faster.

The final change we may see is garages popping up in places we may not have seen them before. Garages will be more utilized and more valuable in new places, especially in places where a lot of people need car sharing services. People may leave their cars around the area or away from their home because it will be easier house their car closer to where fares are so that they don’t have to drive when they are not taking a passenger unless they really have to. Again this sort of thing will probably take a few years, but if it happens we may see even less traditional garages being used and more garages taking advantage of city alleyways and those types of areas in order to help people keep their cars in the right places while not having to pay for garage space in the future. Companies may even places these sorts of things all over cities in order to give drivers the opportunity to put their cars in a variety of places should they need to stop anywhere unusual in the city or outside of ti.

Car sharing apps have made a huge difference in how we travel. A ride to the airport is no longer the most expensive thing in the world or something that you have to get a good friend to give to you. The costs and ubiquity of the service have made them extremely attractive and so these things have snowballed in a way to become even more usable. As this continues the necessity of having a car in the city has gone down and for families the idea that you need two cars to be able to move around comfortably is no longer true. Uber and Lyft and maybe even other newer companies are going to change how we think about our cars and in turn our garages. Nobody is going to be knocking down garages and garage doors so we will most likely be learning new ways to utilize the space so that it doesn’t go to waste as more and more garages become emptier. We could also see garages becoming less owned privately and more shared similar to the cars in order to help serve the need of car sharing programs in cities and areas with a lot of traffic.

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