Garage Spring Cleaning

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Depending on where you are in the world or how you feel about what brings about each season you are already feeling like its spring or just starting to see spring on the horizon. The clocks have been moved and there’s just one thing to do that many may dread, spring cleaning. It’s really not the only time that you should be cleaning your house, but it gives us a reason and hopefully the motivation to go that extra mile and hopefully be more productive in our cleaning. One thing that should be included in your spring cleaning this year is your garage. The garage is one of the often dreaded portions of the house that gets glossed over time and time again, and by glossed over I mean piked up with junk and dust covered. The garage is one of your greatest rooms if you let it be and keep it cleaned and organized. That part though isn’t always so easy though, which is why there is no better time than now to clean out your garage and get it into a more respectable state. This means that you will be able to use your garage a lot more and will just end up appreciating it a lot more as well.

Spring cleaning, it’s as we’ve said, something a lot of us really dread. What I normally do is decide on one part of the home to really get in order. Some neglected part of your house that has built up a whole load of junk, dirt, and whatever else it could accumulate. For myself this usually tends to be the garage, attic, basement or a shed. Because they are often only visited only when it is necessary to do so they often don’t get the same sort of cleaning attention that they might deserve or need. This is why they make perfect candidates for spring cleaning. Once cleaned you’ll find it much easier to move around your garage and find places for things and you will also most likely feel much better about your garage as a whole. This will hopefully lead you to use it more often and not neglect it so that it turns into the debacle that you ended up having to spend a whole weekend bringing back into order. A clean garage is not the easiest thing to get in many cases, but it is a worthwhile use of your time if you are able to keep it that way.

First though is the easy part, the exterior of your garage or to be more specific the garage door. The garage door is a great place to start because even if you haven’t cleaned it in years the cleaning process is still going to be pretty simple. Power washing or pressure washing your garage door may take just a few minutes if you have one large garage door or slightly longer id you have two. Regardless thought he whole thing probably takes less time than the act of driving to your local hardware store to rent a power washer if you don’t own one or know somebody who does. This quick cleaning job will hopefully give you the positive reinforcement and the motivation to push through to the tougher part. What is behind that now pristine garage door is the real trouble. In order to tackle that you’ll most likely need a great deal of time and some man power.

Get the whole family together if you can for this, the more heads and hands at your disposal the better. When it comes to cleaning and organizing your garage there are a few things that most people should do in order to make things easier on themselves. First off you should try and move out your cars. If you are spending your day in the garage with the garage door open then you should be able to keep an eye on your cars so leaving them out of the garage isn’t the biggest risk in the world. This will give you a lot more room to move around and space to organize things before bringing the cars back in. Another thing you’ll want is garbage cans to be empty and available. The amount of stuff that piles up throughout a year or so in your garage is pretty remarkable and most of it is really not worth saving any more. Lastly a big piece of advice is to go to the container store or find something similar. Shelves and water resistant storage boxes are the best way to get all that junk and all of those actually useful things into a state where they can be accessible but aren’t crowding around you while you walk from your car to the door. Having things put on shelves and into boxes will hopefully mean that more things have a “place” and you will not have to constantly create new piles in an attempt at organization.

Spring cleaning isn’t something we all love to do. In fact most of us will put it off for as long as we can unless there’s someone we want to impress or something coming over. Save yourself the trouble and just get to it as soon as possible. The sooner you get your garage under control the sooner you can start fitting your last car join or finding the sports equipment you have stored in there. An organized garage can make you enter the garage more and more as you are able to find what you’re looking for more easily and don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff. Being able to clean your garage door extremely quickly is just another added bonus. If you don’t have a pressure or power washer don't despair. A bucket and sponge will still do nicely and you’ll be able to get the job done in not too much time more than you would have if you had a pressure washer. All in all there is no better time than now to ‘spring’ into action and get cleaning.

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