Garage Spaces Part 2

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In the last article we looked at why you would ever want to do something as odd as work from your garage. Garage’s have the stereotype of being musty, greasy and even a bit dirty. You keep your cars and forgotten boxes in them so there is really no reason to spend more than the minimum amount of time that it takes to move from your car to your door and vice versa in them. However this doesn’t have to be the case. In the last article we really focused more on why you need to move out of your home and into the garage, and not so much on the exact reasons that your garage is better in many ways than the rest of your home for a workspace. If you hadn’t already guess then that is exactly what this article is going to touch on. We’ll talk about things like having your own space, the continued use of your garage door and flexibility of having a garage as your workspace. If you aren't convinced that you need your own workspace you can look back at the previous article, if you are reading this and thinking that you will never be using your garage as a business you can go look at more directly garage door related articles however for everyone else, let’s get started.

One of the reasons that garages make such good and easy work spaces is because of the ease with which they can be converted. Your garage most likely already has a few outlets in it, and a lot of open floor space. Whether you just need a desk to be moved in and some cords hooked up or some larger pieces of machinery you can still probably get the job done in just a few hours. You can load any furniture directly from a moving van or truck into the garage because of the garage door and in no time you will have a fully functioning garage workspace. The open space will help you stay focused and organized while the closeness to home means that you can work any time of the day. Having an office that is technically out of the house is great because it lets you compartmentalize and differentiate between your work life and home life. It makes it easier to leave things to your next work day so that you are only pulling ten or 12 hour days if you have to. Otherwise you will be able to keep things separate so you can focus at the tasks at hand instead of getting sidetracked by household responsibilities when you should be doing work and vice versa.

Just as we talked about the garage door being instrumental in allowing you to quickly move in any equipment or desks that you need for your garage work space the garage door also helps in other ways. Many home businesses have you doing every portion of your business all on your own. You are the marketer, customer service, shipping company, manufacturer, designer and more. Your products are made and shipped from that garage and so the garage door becomes a bit like a shipping bay. If you had to do this through your home’s doors and such you could be constrained by things like tight hallways and doorways while with a garage there is almost no limit to the size of what you are selling and shipping because of the large opening afforded by a garage door. The garage door allows you much more room to expand, literally, while still running your business out of your home. With a garage door and garage you can store and ship a lot of stock of varying sizes and quantities unlike you would be able to unless you had a dedicated venue for shipping and what not.

The flexibility of the garage is one of the things that really rings true for a lot of people. One year it can be an extra bedroom for a family member and the next it can be a playroom for the kids. This is what makes it the perfect prospective office space. You can change the space to adapt to your needs as they come up. When you first start your own business or some side venture you may not really know what you will need. It may end up that down the line you need some piece of machinery for a process you were outsourcing, you need to be able to grow as whatever you are doing grows and so the garage allows your to do that. The open room and easy to manage garage door means you can bring in a bigger desk, more equipment etc. with no trouble at all whereas in a smaller room in a typical house or even small office space you would quickly need to start deciding on what was exactly necessary and what wasn’t.

No matter what you are planning to do with all this space being productive in a venture takes time, effort and focus. A garage workspace gives you the space to put in that time and effort and the ability to focus. Whether your venture is screen printing a few funny shirts that you and your friends thought up or starting an ecommerce platform that you hope to take over the industry with it all can start with a desk and a computer. Your needs will change and grow as you idea does and so the garage is perfect for being your shipping center, command center, and research center all at the same time. Even if things don’t end up working out for whatever idea you had in a couple of years your garage might be transformed back into a car storage room or kid’s play room. This will also all be super easy to perform and will end up costing little to know money to revert back to its former glory, making the prospect of taking the plunge into your garage office all the easier.

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