Garage Doors or Glorified Walls?

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When you get into the thought area of thinking about getting a new garage door installed or perhaps your are simply designing your new house and thinking about the garage area you might start to come to have questions about your garage door. Are garage doors really so necessary for your home? Why does my car need to be protected in a garage, wouldn't a simple overhang work just as well? And lastly, aren’t garage doors really just glorified walls? While these questions aren’t all that necessary to answer aside from the first one it is nevertheless fun to explore them. In this article we’ll look at all three for a bit to prove the necessity of a garage and garage door to any of the doubters out there while having some fun at the same time. If you are like most home owners or future home owners you will want everything in your home to be working for you to make your life just a bit easier at every turn. This of course is the draw of the garage and the garage door, and if you don’t believe that yet, just stay tuned.

Garage’s are described as such because they have a few things in common. Nowadays most are connected to our homes (although that’s not a necessity) they are generally more barebones than other rooms in your home and they have one thing that separates them from the rest of your home. That thing of course is the garage door. The garage door changes the room from a rather nondescript oddly furnished shed-like room into a widely used and utilitarian room because it is simply more accessible.

The main reason that that second question gets a no is because your car needs to be protected from more than just a bit of rain presumably. The weather is one of the big reasons why we usually want to protect our cars with a garage. As you probably also know rain isn’t the only thing that can take it’s toll on your car. Dust and other debris from regular winds and worse from higher winds can really take a toll on your car over time and can even use real damage in the short term if the conditions are right. With an overhang instead of a garage and garage door you risk damaging your vehicle’s windows and tail lights in storms as well as simply getting them dirty with the dust and dirt in the wind. The overhang also has another big problem and that is the idea that rain or hail just come down vertically. In many storms rain and hail seem to be coming every which way at once, which means that if all that is in between your car and the elements is a roof and maybe one wall then your car is not going to be looking so great afterwards. Whether it is hail or rain there will be short term effects for sure and if it is hail you may have just decreased the value of your car by a large amount. This is just some of the type of protection that a garage and garage door offer you over an overhang.

The other big type of protection that your garage door provides is actual security for your car. Cars are for the most part one of the most valuable and expensive things that we own at any time. They also quite literally offer the perfect getaway solution to anybody trying to steal them. Without a garage and garage door your car, one of your most prized possessions, is on display for any to see. This means that your car is extremely vulnerable to theft and is somewhat like an advertisement to others of the type of car you own and the value of it. While car security has certainly gotten much better in the passed decades it is still nowhere near perfect. With that in mind it is always a good idea to keep the things that are valuable to you somewhat protected from thieves and damage, which makes the garage and the garage door near necessity for every home.

Another question we raised is whether your garage door is simply a glorified wall, and the short answer would be yes. Your garage door is most likely larger than some walls in your house and it will most certainly be larger than the doors in your home. What makes it a door is obviously just the fact that it can be and is meant to be opened relatively often. In many ways this means that your garage door has the great parts of both walls and doors. Your garage door opens easily at the push of a button allowing you to leave with a car or without while at the same time providing nearly all of the benefits of a wall. It keeps intruders, pests and weather out when you need it to while also staying insulated against the cold or heat. It does all of this while compromising really very little when you think about all of the things that it does well. For these reasons the idea that a garage door is just a glorified wall really does ring true, but hopefully now you see that glorification is all very well earned.

Now you know why you really need that garage and garage door in your new or old home. It is a staple of houses for a very good reason. It does a great job in both respects to being a door and a wall and makes sure that not only your car is well taken care of when you are not using it, but that anything else yo might store there is relatively well protected. The garage door takes an odd in between room and turns it into one of the most utilitarian rooms out there. The next time then you think about whether or not you really need a garage or if you should maybe try another way to keep your garage safe from outsiders and the elements you may want to think twice! Or you may think longer and come up with an even better solution, who knows?

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