Garage Door Decals

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Garage door decals have a mixed bag of opinions about them, but there is no denying the fact that they do draw attention to themselves in most cases. Garage door decals have their own pluses and minuses and in this article we are going to go through them. Your garage door is a beautiful canvas for you to use, or it is a place to simply say nothing at all. The choice is yours, but getting a garage door decal for most is the former more than the latter. Garage door decals though are not what many think, often times garage doors can look great with the rest of the home because of a tasteful garage door decal. However, the bulk of the decals out there on the market are the ones that you think of when you think of garage door decals. Your sports team logos, your funny fake vehicles, and even your holiday decals are all choices that you have for your garage door. Our homes are traditionally a source of personal expression for many, and garage doors allow a great deal of self-expression no matter how you choose to use it. Garage door decals get a lot of flak for being distasteful in many respects, but today we will just try to look at the real pros and cons of them.

For starters garage door decals are a great way to express some of your personal interests to the entire world! Or at the very least a garage door decal is an easy way to get your personal interests and passions across to your neighbors. Your love of the pittsburgh steelers, or whomever you root for is easy to see when it is visible from nearly anywhere that you can see your house from. If your garage door makes it look like your garage is home to a number of horses instead of two cars, this is another way for your neighbors or visitors to quickly learn that you either have a love of horses or stables. There is no denying that your garage door decal can get across some serious opinions to neighbors and strangers pretty easily. If that is what you want your home or garage door to do then this is definitely a benefit and a solid reason to get a garage door decal.

Another benefit to the garage door decal is that it covers up your current garage door. There are garage door decals which simply look like different types of garage doors. This means that you can change the look of your garage door for just a small price and the application of your garage door decal. Garage doors get discolored by the sun and the elements. Garage doors also can get stained by things that you may use in everyday life. This can cause an otherwise perfectly functional garage door to look unappealing and so make you want to replace your garage door. If you went for a similar looking garage door decal and the problems with the original were only surface problems then you could potentially save yourself a hassle and a fair bit of money. This can extend the life of your current garage door to its expected lifespan and in the process give your garage door a whole new look. This ease of transformation and low cost make garage decals a great idea if you are perfectly happy with your garage door but just want to make it a facelift. Garage door decals and magnetic accessories like handles and hinges can give your garage door an entirely new look to go with a home makeover or just a change in styles for much less than a new garage door.

One disadvantage of garage door decals is that if they are done improperly they can look quite awful and even do damage to your garage door. Cheap garage door decals may not be rated for your type of garage door and could be harmful to the material underneath without you knowing it. Garage door decals can also make your opinions and jokes, a seemingly funny thing the first time, a rather permanent fixture of your home. This is a certain disadvantage as taking off and putting on garage door decals is not the easiest thing to do unless they are not of great quality, which in some cases makes it even harder. This means that your decisions as put up a funny garage door decal for a few months may not be so funny by the time you are looking to take it off and may not be so easy to take off. For this reason it is best to think of your garage door decals as something like a new garage door. If you could not deal with your garage door decal becoming the new face of your garage every time that you come home, then you may want to think again. Invest in a quality garage door decal that you wouldn’t mind seeing for a few years in a row.

Garage door decals certainly have their places, but oftentimes they are looked at the wrong way. Your garage door decal should be looked at as an alternative to your garage’s other look. If you are tired of the traditional look of your garage door and so instead want to show your love for the musical “Cats” then by all means invest in a garage decal. Just make sure that you will want to be able to defend that garage door for a while in case you are stuck with it for a while. Likewise, if you are tired of a faded garage door and instead want a similar looking garage door with a life like wooden finish you should think about the long term appeal of that sort of garage door decal. Think about how well it goes with the rest of the house, how hard it might be to remove it, etc. If you have any questions as to how to handle a garage door decal reach out to some manufacturers or a garage door professional near you and see if there are any that you should steer clear of because of your garage door type or that they would recommend.

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