Garage Door Cleaning

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Your garage door is a representation of your home and you, mostly because it is something that you will use every day and that many people can see. Your garage door is one of the first things that people lay their eyes on when they come to your home, which is great if you have quality garage door that you are proud of. However, even the best garage doors need a bit of care and attention. The constant use and weather wearing can cause your garage door to lose a bit of its luster. The great thing about garage doors though is that when this happens you don’t need to panic. There is a way to get your garage door looking as good as new with barely any hassle at all. There are a number of ways you can bring your garage door back up to snuff, so in this article we will go through the easiest ways to get your garage door back to its former beauty. If you have got a garage door that you used to be happy with but find yourself cringing at now then stay tuned for some ideas of how to bring yourself back to the old days.

The first idea is most likely the most costly and the least recommended. Nevertheless it is a way to get that new garage door look if you are really committed to it. It is also the easiest way to get your garage door back to its former glory. That way is to just get a new garage door. While technically this will require you to get an identical garage door which may be hard to find, you will get that new garage door look because you will have an actual new garage door. It will also be almost no hassle at all for you because you can simply tell your local garage door professional that you want an identical garage door and they won’t need much more from you. If you used them to install your garage door in the first place you may not even have to give them any details. While this is a no hassle way to get your garage door looking like new, it also seems somewhat ridiculous. A new garage door will certainly set you back more than the rest of the ideas on this list, but for posterity it seems like it should be mentioned. 

Another way to get that garage door of yours looking like new is to clean it. There are a bunch of products out there that are specially formulated for your garage door so you can most likely find them at your local hardware store. You can also of course find them online perhaps for cheaper or call your local garage door professional and see if they don’t have a specific brand that they suggest. One thing that you should be careful to keep in mind however is the material that your garage door is made out of. Some cleaners may work for all of your metal garage doors, but not work with fiberglass or wooden garage doors so be careful before you buy or use them. Similarly it is suggested that you test out the product before you go and use it on your entire garage door. Your garage door may have a special ingredient in the paint or have some other reaction with the cleaner which is best known before it started affecting your entire garage door. Test out your product on a small spot before committing to the entire garage door, but otherwise a garage door specific cleaner may be one of the cheaper ways to reinvigorate your garage door.

Power or pressuring washing your garage door is another pretty good alternative to getting a specifically formulated garage door cleaner. Like the above situation however you are going to want to make sure that your garage door can take the force of a power washer so it is best to test it out or do a bit of research. While garage doors are meant to stand up to all sorts of weather in most cases, it is still a good idea to play things safe. If you look into things however you will most likely find that you can blast away at your garage door with no ill effects. This means that if you already own a power washer that your brand new garage door look is practically free. If you don't then it can still be had for a pretty low price if you just plan to rent it, just make sure that you plan out a few other things to power wash and you can really make the investment worthwhile. Your garage door will look as good as new in no time within just a few minutes of power washing making it a worthwhile use of a bit of your time and your money. It is important to remember though that power washing is best kept to the warmer months, as the water can freeze and damage your garage door if it does not dry quickly enough. After power washing you should also remember to lubricate some of the parts of your garage door because the water can wash away a lot of the lubricant already there leaving your garage less lubricated. Otherwise there is not much you need to think about after blasting your garage door.

Your garage door can really accumulate a fair bit of dust and grime over the years and while your garage door all most likely last you a long time it is nice to know that you can have it looking the same as when it was first installed relatively easily. Buying a whole new garage door whenever you feel that your current garage door is getting dirty or dusty may not be the best idea, but nevertheless it would be easy. The other ideas on this list, like power washing or cleaning, are much more suitable and shouldn’t cost too much of your time or money. Don’t let your garage door’s fading looks let you down, instead take stock of what you can do to liven up your garage door and get out there and do it. Your garage door is such a big part of your home’s exterior appeal and look so you should take pride in it and not let it go to waste just because of the age of your garage door.

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