Garage Does Double Duty

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Your garage and garage door most likely keep your car safe and stored so that you don’t have to worry about it while you sleep at night or while you are out with your other car. The car has been a part of the American persona for decades and we most likely won’t be breaking that bond anytime soon. We use our cars every day and so we also to some extent use our garages and garage door openers every day. Your garage however does more than just keep your car safe. In fact for most home owners that is just one side of things. It does far more than keep your car safe from he weather, intruders, etc. Your garage gives you a space to work, play and bridge the gap between the outdoors and the indoors. For whatever reason we often find ourselves using our garages when we are torn between doing something inside and outside so turn to the garage do try ad do both. your garage is most likely doing double duty and you haven’t even noticed that you only really realize that it is doing both jobs incredibly well for really one main reason. The garage door is helping to turn your garage from a car storage room into a room that helps you deal with things that belong neither inside nor outside.

How does your garage do it though? What makes the space just so flexible and utilitarian? The answer is a few things really, but the first and in many ways most important tool in getting your garage to do double duty in your home is the garage door. The garage door allows things to move in and out of your garage in a quick and convenient way which allows you to move your car or cars out and something else in with really an astounding amount of ease. This means that if you are doing something like painting a door, cutting wood or really doing any sort of labor that might cause a mess that you could remove your cars from the garage and easily have the perfect place to do all of these things. You don’t need a dedicated workshop space if you only do this sort of thing every so often which makes your garage the perfect spot to do these things. Opening your garage door means that you get the airflow needed to make sawdust or paint fumes not much of a problem even if the weather would make them a problem. Just because it is raining or something doesn’t mean that you need to be affected.

Another reason that garages work for all these sorts of things is because of how they are commonly built and designed. By that I mean the way the floors are built. Your average garage has a concrete or cement floor that can stand up to a whole lot of punishment and doesn’t really need to look too pristine to be presentable. This makes it the perfect spot to do all of the things that my not be the cleanest things because you don’t have to worry about being too messy, as long as you move the cars out. This means that your garage can work not only as your cars’ storage room but also things like your kids’ fingerprinting studio, your carpenter’s workshop and your gardening prep area all at different times with ease. Your garage then just needs a rinse down at most and you can bring your cars back in and things will be back to normal. The floor makes everything temporary and easy to change so if you ever feel that you need a place to do whatever, try out your garage if you haven’t already and you will be surprised at how easy it makes things.

The last thing that makes your garage such a great place to do pretty much anything is the layout. Most garage spaces are just large rooms with nothing in them besides maybe a small wall to separate your garage doors or perhaps a pole or two to keep the rough up. That is it, that is what lets you use the space however you like. The cars tend to take up enough of the area that when they aren’t there there isn’t a whole lot of furniture or anything else to get in the way. This means that if you are having a family party your garage quickly turns into a dining room for overflow, of if you are doing some work on your house the garage turns into your workshop, etc. Moving things in and out of your garage is simple when you don’t have much to move and have an easy way to move it all, through the garage door.

Your garage is probably thought of in your home as the place where you keep your cars. It isn’t a bad description of the space but it does definitely categorize it ineffectively a bit. Your garage is a car storage place most of the time, but can be and should be adapted to fit other needs that crop up from time to time. If you are going to be spending your time doing something messy then there is no reason that you shouldn’t move your cars out of your garage and open up your garage door in order to utilize the space. It is almost like no matter what you need to do if you only need a space for a short period of time and looks aren’t really important then there is no reason you need more than your garage for the job. Your garage can fill in for nearly any need which would otherwise require a full room with the right furniture or lack there of. With a simply cleaning and moving your car back in however the garage goes back to normal in no time at all.

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