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The versatility of your garage can really not be rivaled by any other room in your home. The garage door gives it a flexibility that no other room in your house has, while the floor plan or lack thereof gives you the ability to do pretty much whatever you want. There is a reason that bands and now even the software behind many amateur music producers is called garage band. This is because the garage is a room away from the house that can be used for a bulk of different things and one of them used to be and still is, music. In the last post we talked about how an audiophile might use a garage to create a set up where they can listen to their records on a really nice system and how that really isn’t worth the trouble for most. Garages it seem know at least some limitations, but for other forms of musical love are they so ill suited? In this post we will look at two different types of audio related garage setups which have most likely been around a bit longer than your modern-day audiophile. Garage bands and those that just like to jam out alone and maybe sing along for a few bars are the type of people who garages just might be perfect for, so let’s find out.

Garage bands have always been a staple of many of your teen years. You either knew someone in one or was in one yourself. So what makes the garage the perfect venue for amateur guitarists and singers alike? First off, just like in the previous article the main point is sound dampening. Having a band practice in your house when they aren’t too great and the rest of the family would rather not have to listen to them is not always the best idea. However, you always want to foster creativity and healthy hobbies in your loved ones, so what can you do? The garage walls and floors are typically made from cement and will dampen a fair bit of the sound from escaping, especially if you have your garage door closed. If you have a well insulated garage door that is specifically designed to dampen sound then you very well may be able to simply throw on the radio and drown out any unwanted sound. This will give whoever it is the chance to work out the kinks for a few years without disturbing you or the neighbors with their “new sound” until the world is ready to hear it or they go onto something new, whichever ends up happening. The great thing about the garage band playing in the garage is how easy the garage door makes it all. Moving equipment like amps and drums has never been easier than with a garage door and you don’t even need any roadies. In addition to the ease of moving things if you ever do end up finding that great sound you can simply open up your garage door and you’ve got the perfect venue set up already. It may not be what you expect to use your garage and garage door for, but nevertheless it does really serve as a great start out studio for your or your kid’s band.

Then of course there is the other side of the music biz, the listener. We already went through the downfalls of the garage audiophile, which seemed to hinge (pun intended) on the garage door being not ready for that kind of duty. The casual listener however has far fewer limitations and needs. For many a “listening room” is more like a place to unwind and relax, all the while with the help of a bit of music. This doesn’t need floor standing hand carved wooden speakers with a massive record collection, but instead would be fine with a cd player and radio or maybe just something to connect your phone or computer into. These sorts of things of course could be damaged by the weather or some flooding getting through your garage door during a particularly bad storm, but they won’t cost as much to replace and don’t need as much tinkering as well. Perhaps your equalizers won’t sound as good with the speakers that you bought from Best Buy on sale, but nevertheless it will definitely be a nice place where you can relax. The noise reduction that keeps your music from bothering the neighbors or your family will also be doing the same to keep your listening room more quiet than other rooms in your house without the need for extra noise dampening. Your garage door may not keep out all of the noise or humidity that would ruin an intense audiophile’s experience, but it nevertheless will let you enjoy some of your favorite albums and playlists while you unwind after a long day or something similar.

Garage’s are extremely versatile and can be changed to pretty much house anything or any type of room you can think of. That however, is not to say that they will do a great job of it. In this case it seems that garage does in fact come out on top for most of your musical needs unless you are going to be spending a bunch of money on limited release vinyls and high end speakers and amplifiers. For the casual listener or young band member the garage will give you a great place to play and listen to music without disturbing others too much and without being disturbed. Thankfully though, when your band is ready to go viral you can always just lift that garage door open and let the whole world see just how talented your garage band has become.

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