Every garage door is unique. Here's some of their stories...

Garage doors and garage door openers live in their own little worlds, or at least some of us would like to think as much. When it comes to understanding them though it isn’t really so hard. Most of the time they need absolutely no thought or maintenance at all, but from time to time it can’t hurt to check up on them. That is the tricky part, when do you need to be worried, when do you need to take action, when do you need to call somebody to help you find the source of a problem and of course when can you just brush something off? To figure this all out it would help to be a garage door professional yourself of course, but we aren’t all that lucky. You might also be able to get the run down from your local garage door professional, but again we don’t all have that sort of luxury. If you don’t have all of those options then you can be thankful that you found this article. In this article we are going to go through the sights, sounds and even smells of a garage door and garage door opener. This will of course also touch on the garage door as a whole, but it will mainly focus on the garage door and garage door opener portions of the garage.

Garage Spring Cleaning

2016-03-21 12:41:42

Depending on where you are in the world or how you feel about what brings about each season you are already feeling like its spring or just starting to see spring on the horizon. The clocks have been moved and there’s just one thing to do that many may dread, spring cleaning. It’s really not the only time that you should be cleaning your house, but it gives us a reason and hopefully the motivation to go that extra mile and hopefully be more productive in our cleaning. One thing that should be included in your spring cleaning this year is your garage. The garage is one of the often dreaded portions of the house that gets glossed over time and time again, and by glossed over I mean piked up with junk and dust covered. The garage is one of your greatest rooms if you let it be and keep it cleaned and organized. That part though isn’t always so easy though, which is why there is no better time than now to clean out your garage and get it into a more respectable state. This means that you will be able to use your garage a lot more and will just end up appreciating it a lot more as well.

Starting a business on your own can be tough. Doing so today has become easier with the age of the internet. Everything seems like it could be a service or a business and the world is just waiting to pay you for following that one weird passion of yours to the bank. The thing is though, you need a starting point. That is where the garage comes in. It may not be the flashiest place to start a business, but it comes with a lot of benefits that you might not otherwise think about. In this article we are going to look at some of the reasons why you would ever want to start you business in your garage. We will look at how the garage door and garage door opener come into play in this situation as well, obviously. We will also throw out a few ideas on how to turn your garage into your perfect office or at least your perfect pre-office space. It may not be a fancy co-working space downtown, but the space where your car used to be might just be all you need to start the business that makes you rich or at least happy some day.

Garage Door Insulation TIps

2016-03-16 12:07:43

There’s a heatwave happening pretty much all over. Whether it is making your area a lovely crisp 65 when you’re used to colder this time of year or a balmy 80, winter it seems is ending a bit early this year. What better time then to think about your energy bill right? Prices on gas and natural gas continue to fall, but who knows how long that will last. If you also enjoy minimizing your carbon footprint there is no time like the present to think about lessening your energy usage by upping the role your garage door plays in keeping your home’s temperature constant. When it comes to your garage door there are really three things that can help to keep your home from using so much energy. There is the door itself, the insulation and the weather stripping or seal. The garage is a large room and in some cases may be the largest most open room i your home. This means that there is a large amount of air in the room and this can be used to create a pretty nice buffer zone actually to keep your home’s temperature relatively constant. Heat and cold both will move in and out of your home, especially through drafty areas in your home which is why minimizing them is a very good idea.

Garage Spaces Part 2

2016-03-13 20:02:04

In the last article we looked at why you would ever want to do something as odd as work from your garage. Garage’s have the stereotype of being musty, greasy and even a bit dirty. You keep your cars and forgotten boxes in them so there is really no reason to spend more than the minimum amount of time that it takes to move from your car to your door and vice versa in them. However this doesn’t have to be the case. In the last article we really focused more on why you need to move out of your home and into the garage, and not so much on the exact reasons that your garage is better in many ways than the rest of your home for a workspace. If you hadn’t already guess then that is exactly what this article is going to touch on. We’ll talk about things like having your own space, the continued use of your garage door and flexibility of having a garage as your workspace. If you aren't convinced that you need your own workspace you can look back at the previous article, if you are reading this and thinking that you will never be using your garage as a business you can go look at more directly garage door related articles however for everyone else, let’s get started.

The Garage Workspace Part 1

2016-03-11 20:00:50

When it comes to garages there are a lot of things that you can do with the space. The most common use of the space is to store things like your car, some clothes and things that you are really just putting off parting with. While cars are a great thing to keep in your garage you may have a two car garage with only one car needing to be stored or even no cars at the moment. Maybe you are a big cyclist or just enjoy taking public transit everywhere for the environmental benefit. Whatever your reasoning is for not owning a car your garage should never be a reason that keeps you beholden to a car. Garages are one of the most versatile rooms in your entire home and so can store a car for the first five years you own a home, be used for something else for the next eight and then spend another ten years storing two cars. These changes will all even be relatively easy and cheap to undergo making the garage shift to meet your home’s needs quite easily despite the large difference of what those actual needs are. One of the best ways to use your garage if it isn’t being used to store cars is for a workspace.

A Garage Studio

2016-03-08 19:59:49

On this blog we talk about pretty much everything there is to talk about when it comes to garage doors. We’ve talked about the different types of garage doors, different types of garage door openers, maintenance tips for garage doors and garage door openers and things of that nature. We also delve into things like home gyms in your garage, why a garage door is a really under appreciated piece of machinery especially during the winter and bunches of other things. Today however we are going to take inspiration from one of the most famous garages out there. While that isn’t saying a lot it is something that is pretty cool if you are into garages and all of the flexibility that they afford. With that in mind this article will touch a little bit on one of the more famous garages out there, Marc Maron’s. And about some things that you and others have done or can do in your garage. If you don’t know Marc Maron hosts an extremely successful podcast from his garage and does all the recording, interviewing, etc in his studio there. You may not think of your garage as the prospective perfect studio for hosting an innovative talk show, but when you don’t really feel like laying out tons of money for a studio space a garage can do pretty well.

A Garage For Motorcycles

2016-03-06 14:35:30

It could be said, and certainly has been said on this blog multiple times that the main function of both garages and garage doors as well as all of the accessories that go along with them mainly focus on cars. Cars are the main reason why people have garages and the main way that people really utilize their garages is by storing their cars in them. However, as we have also said a few times over now garages aren’t a single purpose unit. Garages have many different things that make them useful and many ways that they can be used. One of those many ways is to house another type of vehicle, one that doesn’t get a whole lot of love these days, but we are going to take a look at how motorcycle and moped owners utilize their garages and garage doors. We’ll take a look at some of the differences in how motorcycle owners and car owners might use their garages and garage doors and at some of the similarities that make garages so well equipped for handling all sorts of different vehicles as well as really anything when it comes to convenient storage and usability.

There are things that require maintenance and there are things that really don’t. Paper cups can be thrown away pretty easily and things like new TVs or even most more advanced tech gadgets usually aren’t worth repairing because the difference between repairing and replacing them is so small. For this reason a lot of people have started to think that maintenance of most things isn’t really an issue. Maintenance is seen as something you don’t really have to do unless you know about something well enough to know that you have to maintain it or you have free maintenance or something like that. Besides these cases there are very few things that people still see as necessary to maintain. As things become more automated in our lives people begin to forget that many of the products and machines in or lives suffer a fair bit of wear and tear despite how durably or not durably they are built. One example of this is of course the garage door and the garage door opener. Another common example though is the car, which has become more technical over the past decades and become easier to neglect leading to people knowing really less and less about it. In this article we will take a look at the problems with this new disposable lifestyle attitude some have adopted and in particular at how it could affect someone who owns the above three machines or products.

Something that might get a lot of attention from people if you know someone it has happened to recently is a broken garage door spring. And rightly so, it’s probably one of the most dangerous and alarming things that can happen when it comes to your garage door so most people get pretty surprised when it happens and can even get scared when it first happens. In this article we’ll take a look at the garage door spring in particular and what happens when it breaks and why your garage door spring snaps. This should hopefully help you to not be as alarmed or surprised if or when your garage door spring breaks. The disappointing thing is that your garage door springs are most likely going to break before the rest of your garage door which means they will need to be replaced. However, the flip side of this is that your garage door will continue to work with the replacement of the broken garage door springs pretty much just as well as it was when it was brand new. Replacing your garage door springs is pretty essential and there are some DIY videos and what not out there but we can’t really recommend those here. They are tough to follow unless you have exactly the make and model of everything that is being used in the article and even then as someone without experience replacing garage door springs the job can be extremely dangerous. With that said, let’s take a look at just why your garage door springs are snapping you late at night or just surprising you by not working when you get home for work.

The Garages of The Future

2016-02-25 12:08:32

We’ve talked about pretty much all three at this point so now it is time to talk about them together and about how they might affect garages and garage doors in the future. It’s been said and it is being talked about a lot in the tech industry as well as the automotive industry that these three factors may collide to create a perfect storm of growth. Self driving cars, car sharing apps and electric cars are thought to all converge in the near future to become very important to one another and so the consumer. It’s all pretty interesting and exciting to think about and so we are going to look at what that might mean for the average person. What does all of this mean for the average homeowner with two cars in their two car garage? In this article we’ll go through that a bit and look at how all three could affect the average person who drives themselves to work every day along with their spouse who also drives to work. We will also quickly explain of course the relationship between these there factors in order to make things easier to understand in general.

Garages With Electric Cars

2016-02-22 12:06:08

The world of cars is changing every day and it seems that garages are changing with them. One thing that has always been said to be on the horizon is actually really here with more on the horizon and that is the electric car. The electric car was always something that was supposedly just over the horizon technologically for many years. The electric car was supposed to something that really changed the world in a big way and in some ways it has, but if you follow the industry at all you may have heard that more big change is on the way when it comes to cars. With that in mind I am hear to talk a little bit about your garage and how it might need to change in the near future to really capitalize on all of these new developments in the auto industry. New technologies and ideas don’t just hit the mainstream right away so there may still be some time for you to get acquainted with the idea, but with Tesla rumored to be working on an electric car for the masses at a lower price point the time of electric cars may soon be here. In addition to Tesla both Nissan and Chevy have their own electric cars which shows that this isn’t just something scientists and engineers dream up anymore.

Companies like Uber and Lyft are changing the game when it comes to car ownership and very well may end up changing the game when it comes to garage ownership as well. Whether it be in a change of how cars are used and operate or where and how many are on roads and out of use there world is definitely leaning away from a world where every family needs two cars in their garage. With the lower cost of mobility afforded with using one car and a budget friendly car sharing service you may find that our nation’s love affair with the car is at a crossroads. This country has always loved the freedom that came with owning a car but it soon may e that owning a car or two cars is not such a reasonable idea. We may also take a bit of time to realize that given how car centered many of our lives are in this country. What this will most likely eventually find us seeing though is an extra space open up in all of our garages as well as perhaps more centralized garages just for car sharing programs. With all of the controversy surrounding these companies at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty in their future and in how they are ousting taxis from cities seemingly. In this article however we will look at how this could affect the garage owner and mean for the average person in the near future.

Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, what do all of these have in common? They are all companies that seem to be able to be right on the cusp of introducing a car that would change the world and transportation for ever. The Self-driving car is something that has been in science fiction for years and now may be in our near future. What does that mean then for us though? Are our garages going to need an upgrade? How will our lives change? While there are no certainties that this technology will even come it is fun to think about the possibilities. It is exciting to think that your life may change in some unknown way because of your car’s newfound abilities. Now obviously there will be some kinks to work out, and it will take a while before everyone is ready to trust this sort of thing given the power and danger that comes with a car, but we aren’t here to talk about that. This blog is about garages and garage doors in particular so we are going to focus on that end of things. Garages and garage doors have been connected with cars since cars became an American necessity. Separating the two will no doubt take more than simply removing the driver from the equation.

Two Car To One Car Garages

2016-02-04 11:44:40

The majority of garages these days are two car garages. Most families have been two car families for decades. However in some ways the days of needing two cars seem to be dwindling. Carpooling, telecommuting, ride-sharing and even things like uber are becoming extremely common these days and it seems that the age of the two car or more family may not may be around too much longer. We can get by without the cost and hassle of an extra car and it will most likely take a while for families and society to come to grips with this fact, but it is a possibility that in the next decade or so garages will be filled with not two but one car. Then you may thing, what will happen to the garages?! What will become of all those unopened garage doors!? These are the obvious first questions to ask and so we are here to answer them. It may turn out that we’re wrong and two car families continue on for decades and decades, but from today’s point of view it seems that the car is either about to change or be made totally obsolete at least in the way we think of it now. This may not occur tomorrow (it definitely won’t) but a decade or two down the road (pun intended) it is a possibility.

Garage Does Double Duty

2016-02-02 11:41:11

Your garage and garage door most likely keep your car safe and stored so that you don’t have to worry about it while you sleep at night or while you are out with your other car. The car has been a part of the American persona for decades and we most likely won’t be breaking that bond anytime soon. We use our cars every day and so we also to some extent use our garages and garage door openers every day. Your garage however does more than just keep your car safe. In fact for most home owners that is just one side of things. It does far more than keep your car safe from he weather, intruders, etc. Your garage gives you a space to work, play and bridge the gap between the outdoors and the indoors. For whatever reason we often find ourselves using our garages when we are torn between doing something inside and outside so turn to the garage do try ad do both. your garage is most likely doing double duty and you haven’t even noticed that you only really realize that it is doing both jobs incredibly well for really one main reason. The garage door is helping to turn your garage from a car storage room into a room that helps you deal with things that belong neither inside nor outside.

Repurposing A Garage Door

2016-01-29 02:13:06

When it comes to garage doors there is a lot of time between buying a new one and that new one needing to be replaced. If you take care of it correctly, have a good quality garage door and have good luck with no accidents concerning your garage door your next new garage door might be 15-20 years away. This means that when you are first looking at a new garage door you are most likely not thinking about what you will do with it when its done. You are instead thinking about the price of your garage door, the energy savings of different garage doors and the durability of your garage door. Most likely the last thing you are really thinking about is what you plan to do with your garage door when it is no longer fit to serve as your garage door. For that reason this article is here to give you some ideas. Garage doors can be a great resource, and with all the talk about people recycling and up cycling their appliances and other things they no longer need why not get your garage door in on the fun? Maybe this article won’t rival your average pinterest board’s worth of ideas, but nonetheless hopefully it will get the restive juices flowing for you. And if you have already gotten to the point where you nearly discarded your own garage door but found a better use for it feel free to let us know some of your ideas and how they ended up coming out. Especially feel free to share pictures of some of the crazy things you’ve built or done with your old garage doors.

How To Recycle A Garage Door

2016-01-26 02:10:42

If you are like most these days you have noticed that just about everyone is talking about our impact on the environment, climate change, being green, etc. It is of course important to make sure that we aren’t ruining our planet for the generations to come or even our generation, so when it comes getting rid of appliances most cities, states or municipalities have certain guidelines set in place to make sure that our backyards and the sides of our streets aren’t just littered with the appliances of days passed. What happens to these appliances tends to vary on when they were made, how valuable they are and the materials they were made of. When it comes to garage doors nearly all of them can be recycled. The problem is knowing which things are recyclable and which things might even get you some money in the end. That’s right, you may even able to make a bit of money off of that old garage door while you help “save the earth”. Whether it is worth the hassle of course is up to you. Regardless of whether you end up getting paid for doing your good deed or your just put the materials in the right hands to be reused, garage door recycling you should at least know the merits of.

One of the reasons that we choose to have our cars stored in the garage is for security purposes. Your car is most likely one of your larger investments and so is worth a bit of security around it. You also rely on your garage door to provide security for more than just your garage’s items, but for your home. The automatic garage door opener originally was just about helping home owners get in and out of their garages more easily, but today they are about much more than that. Today garage door openers and garage doors in fact play a large part in how we secure our homes from unwanted visitors and intruders. It is no surprise that as the holidays grow nearer the amount of burglaries go up. However sad that may seem it is nonetheless important to keep your home safe from intruders of the not so jolly variety and keep your family safe. You may be wondering then what you can do as a home owner to keep you and your family safe, with regards to your garage door of course. That is where you are in luck, this article is going to be all about improving your home’s security in ways that are directly associated with the garage.

You are sitting home one day and you hear a large cracking sound. After some confusion, a small dose of fear and some investigation you go on to find out that the culprit is none other than one of your garage door springs breaking. So what do you do when your garage door spring breaks? it can be quite a confusing when it first happens as the sound can be pretty alarming and isn’t immediately evident as something that would happen in your garage, but after you have your head around the idea that it indeed come from your garage door then you can start to figure out what you should be doing about it. Garage door springs can break even when they are not being used, which is probably the safest time for them to snap. However this does not mean that this is incredibly safe still. In this article we will go through a few of the things you should do if and when your garage door spring breaks. As the weather gets colder garage door springs are more and more prone to break so don’t be too alarmed if it happens to you.

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